Growing up in Northern Michigan, I often spent the endless days of my childhood exploring the vast varieties of textures, sights, and sounds found within the woods and lakes just beyond my backyard. There was a great sense of freedom and adventure in those early journeys, and it's that youthful curiosity that I try to retain in painting. The infinite combinations of color and form, whether imagined or living in the flesh will always await our curiosity. It is only our internal desire to explore that fluctuates. It is our self-constructed ideologies and illusions of stability and logic that keep us from reaching beyond the tame scope of routine. Keeping this in mind, I attempt to start each painting with a clean slate. I may have a sketch or a vague idea as a starting point, but it is essential that the painting resides apart from any history. The life force of the painting must come from within the work itself. It is only then that the work is able to cut through its surroundings and speak as its own entity.